Nina Maschi

 A puppeteer since she was four

A million shows she's made                    and more!

Myriads of marionettes-now              Dancing dancing!

    Wildly prancing

   Jumping Leaping        

Never sleeping     

      In Pakistan,

      In Spain in France  

   The little puppets

   Wave and dance

  Their hearts so big-

  Their feet so small

Athena breathed life 

into them all.     

      She stitched she sewed  

     She glued and stuck  

 The naughty puppets

       ran a muck!

I                     Cesare Maschi

           Cesare loved the

                 puppets so                      He went each day to               see a show!

          Holding now his

          granddad's hand

    He travelled the land.    The grand old puppets

               of Turin

Did love him so they

                 told him 

          To hold aloft their                controls so tight

        That they might in a                 battle fight!

          Oh to the death!

          We' ll rise again

        Don't disregard  the

               puppets pain!